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Engagement Models

You might have different needs to engage our teams. Our center of service excellence has diverse engagement models, which are industry-standard and flexible to the changing landscape. Our business model offering is dynamic and ready for the businesses to support the post-pandemic realities.

Fixed Price

In this model, our business analyst and technical team study the work to be carried out and provide the client with an estimated time & costs for the defined scope of work. It offers predictability of time and costs and useful when scope of the project is well defined in advance.

It suits for small size to medium scale of business where need is very well defined with very limited ambiguity about the tasks to be carried and it needs to be addressed on fixed timely manner. Based on specifications given, our team quickly estimates the cost and time required to finish the scope of work done.

Time & Material

T&M model is used for medium to long term projects when a skilled person(s) will work on a given project tasks on a basis for a fixed per-man-hour rate.

The main benefit of this model is that it gives freedom to client to priotarise the tasks and allows them to make changes in requirements more freely compared to fixed price model. The development team works as per the need and priority set by the client or their team member.

Dedicated Team

In this model, a skilled resource will be offered for a monthly fixed pay of minimum 160 man-hours of work on a given tasks with specified skill set. This approach is best suited for projects requires long term development capacity.

We help our clients in providing the best compatible resource for the needed technology stack for growing business needs. It gives the client to control to choose the developers and project manager based on their skill set and experience without the hassle to manage day to day development issues.

Hybrid Engagement

This model is mix of two or more models from above based on the need of clients. It gives client the flexibility to change the engagement model based on need and demand of the business.

The core advantage of using this model is gives complete transparency during all project development stages along with least possibility of untimely escalations. Since it is a blend of two or more models, it is low risk model suited for small to medium size organizations.